YOGATONIC is back- Hello 2017 - what a warm welcome


I did already share it a few times- surprisingly- that for the past two years I was not able to see or feel the light and beauty of life anymore. My past two years were rather dark, rocky, lonely and slow. Some call it depression, some call it crises- however you name it- not FUN. And everything for no real reason…so it felt. 

No wonder it did not feel authentic anymore to blog about a healthy living as at the time my lifestyle was everything but healthy. I even got somehow aggressiv by all this food and yoga people - which always seem to have it all figured out and that eating well and bending like a Prezl is a total game changer. 

For sure eating well and moving is the foundation of keeping your body healthy. And we sometimes forget that we only have one body which is doing everything for us to function. And most of the time we overhear its needs. BUT for me it can also lead into an obsession. Not supportive, but stressing me out even more. So many times it felt like failing even more. 

So not eating sugar, and cutting everything out which is fun, was not helpful to me at all and no way out of my paralysed feeling. To me personally it felt like there is now way out than facing ‘IT’, not knowing what ‘IT’ means. And healthy food and pilates did not do it for me.

I tried everything: Name it and I did it. A combination of it all made it happen, and it’s finally over and light again.


Back in the game! And it feels so different than before. This whole journey was a total game changer which I am only fully aware of now it’s over. This last two years - period of depression- feels like a deep rest and some people call it transformation, which is a big word to me, but can somehow be the right description. I am able to trust, let it flow and enjoy life again. See the bright sight. 


Where does the journey with YOGATONIC and my beloved City Guides go? I do not know. One thing is for sure: I’ll continue. And now it’s a whole different story. I do YOGATONIC out of passion again and love of discovering great places to support your healthy meaningful living. And not out of the neediness to earn money with it anymore. I am so blessed to have found an amazing project with great people which I love doing on an employed basis. Amazingly enough it gives me at the same time all the freedom to travel and grow…

Currently I am traveling and growing in Los Angeles… being back is just the best. So when you are in a phase of life where you are looking for some sunny inspiration,  good food, some movement and some shared thoughts- YOGATONIC is the right blog for you….

My city guides from London and Berlin will be online once I figured out the technical issues- which is absolutely not my strength...

Welcome to 2017 with YOGATONIC!