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Although this is a group retreat, it has been specially designed to offer personalized, individual attention and guidance to each and every participant.  In other words, this is a retreat specifically designed for You!  Come and join the Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda Retreat with Kristof Wittstock, Tiffany Nicholson-Smith, Robert Gonzales and Dr. Sukumar Sardheshmukh for 8 days/7 nights of personalized retreat and healing.

This week will be devoted to becoming present to your Self, resting deeply into your Heart, igniting full self-healing and developing clarity on your life’s great purpose.  You will be guided by four teachers who have all committed their lives to self-inquiry, holistic health and compassionate living.  Kristof and Tiffany bring their combined 30+ years of experience in yoga and meditation to offer classes and individual sessions that will be highly considerate and applicable for your unique needs.  Robert brings a lifetime of inquiry into the intersection between spirituality and human communication and from this he offers daily practices for living life fully, grounded in compassion for one’s self and others.  Dr. Sukumar, an 11th generation Ayurvedic Physician and Pulse Reading Master, will be offering his gift of insight and healing to each participant through pulse diagnosis and consultations.

During the week you will receive one-on-one guidance and coaching in Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda and Compassionate Communication that will serve as a springboard for continued growth well beyond the retreat.  There will also be ample time to enjoy the pristine beauty of this tropical, seaside setting in this intimate, secluded location that is known for its serenity, privacy and eco-conscious practices.

Packages include:

  • 7 night accommodations (including Mexico IVA & Hotel Tax)
  • 3 meals daily – Organic & Gourmet Vegan & Live Food Meals (as well as specific nutritional guidance for your optimal detoxification and wellness)
  • Daily Yoga sessions x 2
  • Daily Meditation sessions
  • Daily discourses, guided exercises, integration sessions, mindfulness practices, etc
  • Compassionate Communication & Self-Compassion sessions with Robert Gonzales
  • A one-on-one yoga therapy session during the week with Kristof or Tiffany
  • Access to individual coaching sessions with Robert Gonzales
  • Ayurvedic consultations and guidance with Dr. Sukumar
  • An individualized take-home practice designed specifically for you

Dorm – Shared occupancy: $1,450.00 USD/person
Triple occupancy Cabaña: $1,750.00 USD/person
Double occupancy Cabaña: $2,200.00 USD/person
Single occupancy Cabaña: $3,600.00 USD

Type of Retreat:  Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda

Type of Yoga:  Integrated & Hridaya Yoga

Additional Information, Questions & Registration:
Contact:  Tiffany Nicholson-Smith
Contact Phone Number:  Not Available
Online Registration:

Instructors:  Kristof Wittstock, Tiffany Nicholson-Smith, Robert Gonzales & Dr. Sukumar Sardheshmukh

KRISTOF WITTSTOCK (E-RYT 500) is a down-to-earth spirit who is know for his clear dedication to truth and his humble heart.  He has had the opportunity to study for the last 20+ years with various teachers and schools, most situated in India, and steeped in the traditional, classical wisdom of Hatha, Laya, Kriya and Kundalini yoga.  Kristof also has a deep respect and love for Buddhism and has retreated extensively in the Theraveda tradition.  His offerings are always infused with this revolutionary edge of Tantric Yoga, Meditation and Buddhism.  His students often comment on his artful blend of focus, precision, laughter and joy, and enjoy his mindful invitations to live a life of true alignment and awareness.

TIFFANY NICHOLSON-SMITH (E-RYT 500, RPYT) is a wonderfully radiant Yogini, an Ayurvedic Practitioner and a lover of life who is known for bringing her clarity, abundant energy and aspiration for truth into everything she shares and offers.  A world citizen and sacred activist, she approaches life with an open heart and an inspired mind.  Tiffany has studied and retreated extensively with various teachers in India and around the world, immersing herself deeply into Tantric, Hatha & Kundalini Yoga, Advaita Vedanta, Spiritual Nutrition, Ayurveda, Compassionate Communication and Sacred Sexuality.  Her students appreciate her art of drawing upon the wisdom of these approaches to offer their truths in ways that are both accessible and highly applicable.

ROBERT GONZALES received a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 1989, and was a practicing psychotherapist for many years, offering individual and couples counseling.  He has contributed to the work of the International Center for Nonviolent Communication as a Certified Trainer for many years and currently, as the director of the Center for Living Compassion, he conducts seminars and retreats internationally.  The integration of self-compassion and compassionate communication is at the heart of his work.

DR. SUKUMAR SARDHESHMUKH comes from a long lineage (11+ generations) of Ayurvedic Physicians who are specifically acclaimed for their capacity to diagnose illness and disease through pulse diagnosis.  Alongside his father and grandfather, Sukumar has created India’s first “integrated cancer research hospital” which has been recognized both nationally and internationally for its success in the comprehensive treatment of cancer.  In addition, they have multiple panchakarma centers around the country which host patients from around the globe for a process of total regeneration and healing.  A visionary, Sukumar travels worldwide to share the ancient science of Ayurveda in accessible and practical ways that bring benefits to so many lives.