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Retreat: BODYSOUL Yoga und Ayurveda, Turkey


We prepared a special yoga program and ayurveda workshops, that will boost your system before we head to the colder times again. No worries, summer is still on here but you know, just to be prepared! There is also the option of a boat trip we could organize for the last day if you are interested.

A sample schedule for your days in Narnia

8am-9.30am: meditation & gentle good morning yoga
Healthy breakfast
10.30am-12am: ayurveda workshop
Lunch, beach-time, trip to town
17pm-18.30pm: Yin Yoga
Mediterranean dinner, campfire, music


The basic theme Jenny designed for our yoga practice will be “Yin & Yang”. In the mornings we will do some gentle Yin Yoga to wake up your body softly and get the stiffness of the night out of you. In our evening classes we practice a more “yang style” with Vinyasa flow as well as Ashtanga to also train our muscles.



Yin yoga is based on the taoist concept of yin and yang. A yin practice of yoga does not target the muscles as in most Hatha yoga styles, but the connective tissues, such as ligaments, tendons, joints, deep facial networks and even the bones.  The connective tissues should not be underestimated, as they hold our organs in shape, save water, protect and support the immune responses of our body. In contrast to muscles, yin tissues have to be worked on passively. Instead of rhythmic and repetitive contraction and relaxation, they respond best to long-held stretches. They get longer and stronger and thus offer optimal protection for the joints. The overall flexibility of the body increases. Muscles are elastic and moist, so they appreciate the yang form of exercise and respond well to it. Yin tissues, however, being dryer and much less elastic, could get damaged if they were stressed in this way. Instead our more plastic tissues appreciate and require gentler pressures, applied for longer periods of time, in order to be stimulated to grow stronger. In yin postures, we remain for a time anywhere from three to even twenty minutes, which can often be much more challenging than the fast power flows, especially on a subtle physical, emotional, and psychological level. With Yin Yoga we can improve our Yang practice. Our body will be better protected from injuries and as we get more flexible, we can go deeper into certain postures and not get stuck at a certain point with our practice (although we should always consider that yoga is not about flexibility, but awareness!). Yin Yoga can therefore be used as a “safe” way to go deeper.

  The three basic principles of Yin Yoga are

1. Come into the pose to an appropriate depth (playing our edges)

2. Resolve to remain still (body, breath and mind)

3. Hold the pose for time (3 – 20 min. depending on the pose and your body)

Another benefit of Yin Yoga is its ability to release blocked energy in form of emotions. You gonna love Yin Yoga in the mornings!



Ayurveda is a holistic health concept that cures disease already before Western medicine even recognizes it as such. The knowledge derived from ancient Indian scriptures is still very relevant today. Ayurveda can help you to bring your body back into its natural balance. It cures psychological and physical problems, detoxes body and mind and gives you a healthier and happier life!


Ayurveda and yoga are actually inseparable. The aim of ayurveda is to maintain and restore a healthy body. The role of lifestyle and diet is crucial. Food is regarded as medicine. Through awareness and the right choices, physical and mental disease can be prevented and a radiant, biologically younger body and a healthy, calm mind are maintained until old age.

Yoga rather aims at spiritual goals, but through ayurvedic lifestyle and diet practices the yogi can be aided in attaining these. Plus, the ayurvedic perspective on health is holistic. An ayurveda consultation often includes recommendations for yoga asanas, breathing exercises, meditation and ethical and spiritual advice for a fulfilled life.


1. Ayurveda for a healthy, happy life

The course starts with an introduction to ayurveda with Karolina. Learn what ayurveda actually is, its historical roots and how you can use it today in your everyday life to stay healthy!

2. Ayurveda theory and the different body types

Get to know your personal body type and find out what that means for your lifestyle and diet. Plus, you will even learn how to do it yourself! Under my supervision you will practice the examination of the physical and mental constitution of your peers (prakriti examination).

3. Ayurvedic daily and seasonal routines

Ayurveda is all about maintaining or regaining balance. How do you do that? Through routines. Learn simple ayurvedic tricks, seasonal routines and detox techniques for a healthier, happier life!

4. Ayurvedic nutrition theory & cooking class

The key to a healthy life is a balanced diet. You will learn the six ayurvedic tastes (rasas) and how to use them to prepare a balanced ayurvedic meal. In a practical cooking class we will create a fresh, ayurvedic meal with local organic ingredients and enjoy it together.

Retreat venue

We will stay in the sweet Hotel Narnia in a beautiful old village close to both, the picturesque town Kaş in South Turkey and the sea.
Narnia sits on a 5000 square metre almond orchard with an equally sized pommegranet grove next to it, making this your perfect peaceful retreat venue. Kaş with its pristine beaches, beautiful winding bougainvillea-clad backstreets is only a short drive away. 

The owners of Narnia, Desiree and Chapull created this peaceful place wishing to share their dream of living in harmony with nature and the people of the village. There is a small greenhouse, a herb garden and various fruit trees planted every spring, and of course lots of flowers! In autumn they harvest the almonds and cure their olives. 

In Bayinidir village many shephards care for their goats and the local horses roam freely. In the spring all the almond trees are covered in light pink blossom flowers that the locals use to produce their tasteful homemade honey. 

Bayindir lies right in the heart of the old land of Lycia. Ruins are everywhere to be found and ancient trekking routes link us all together along the coast line.

Open your terrace door and step into the beautiful garden of Narnia, where we will have our classes, breakfast and dinner. 



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