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Festival: Hoopurbia festival, Berlin

Like surfing in the 70s, or snowboarding in the 90s, hoop dance is poised to be this decade’s breakout lifestyle activity.

Hoopurbia is the world’s first urban hooping festival. Now in it's third year, it seeks to change the perception of hooping as a fitness activity by integrating it with dance, music and video art.

This year's festival is taking place in Berlin, the city where Hoopurbia was first born. From June 24 - 29 a carefully selected team of teachers and artists will guide participants through six days of workshops, video shoots, music and multi-disciplinary collaboration in the fields of contemporary dance, choreography and performance.

Each day begins with yoga and contemporary dance classes by amazing and innovative instructors Phoebe Kiddo and Kianí del Valle. Afternoons will be filled by two 2-hour blocks of Intensive Hoop Workshops from renowned artists Malcolm Stuart, Tiana Zoumer, Beka Hoop, Sara Kunz Circus, Lisa Looping, and Kristin Lahoop. Our specially-tailored tuition programme will ensure that both emerging talent and seasoned pros leave Hoopurbia with a thorough hoop dance education!

The excitement doesn't end there. Evenings will be packed with video shoots, flash mobs, Hoopurbia’s very own performance showcase, and the first International Hula Hoop Contest on Saturday June 28th. All daily dance activities will be integrated with multidisciplinary collaborations. Sound designers, lights artists, video and performance artists will share ideas and skills before converging into one multidisciplinary and sophisticated art performance at the end of the week.

Hoopurbia wants the world’s most creative people to be able to attend the festival regardless of their financial situation, and offer scholarship places to talented hoopers who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford a ticket. In previous years the competition has proved to be one of the most vibrant community building tools of the festival.

Everyone is invited to join the world’s most dedicated hoop dancers to an inspiring, creatively driven six days of co-creation, to learn skills from the world’s most innovative instructors and advance hoop dance as a contemporary art form.

TICKETS are currently available at a discounted rate

PLATOON KUNSTHALLE: Schönhauser Allee 9 10119 Berlin . Germany

For further press enquiries and interview requests contact Betti Baudelaire